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Digital Storytelling for newcomers



Skillslab's workshops are at the heart of the project and should give participants insight into their talents and highlight the importance of their choice of school in relation to their further professional careers. Three teams -each based on their expertise- elaborate these workshops. 

De Creatieve Stem olv Maria-Cristina Ciocci develop activities involving digital manufacturing techniques. Mister Box - Olivier D'Hose creates workshops based on digital audio-visual techniques. Director Junior Mthombeni (Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg) guides young people through their storylines throughout the week.

It is important for us to document Skillslab and to measure to what extent we achieve our Skillslab objectives. With this in mind, we have complemented the Skillslab team with talented videast Camille Ghekiere and passionate researchers: Eline Belmans and Maarten Jackers.

Karin Wauters is responsible for the smooth handling of all financial documents. The coordination is in the hands of Wim Van Broeck . He also monitors planning and budget and develops the network of eight libraries, OKAN schools (Onthaalonderwijs voor anderstalige kinderen) and 'Locale Opvang Initiatieven (LOI's). Lastly, he is also responsible for communication with government, stakeholders and partners.


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